How do you get a 1% daily interest lifelong


This is for real, this website works!
The, Yes, I have invested little amounts of ripple into it, – and yes, I am getting 1% interest daily!

Also, I withdraw some from it for testing purpose to check whether it actually works or not, with a success I withdrew some of it.

Initially, when I first saw the site, I was sceptical to add any funds, as bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scams are here and there,  so I added only 10 ripple which is the lowest amount to invest. After few days when I can saw my balance and it was adding daily 1 %, I finally get convinced and added 200 ripples more, and I am planning to add more to it,

Btw, instead of only Ripple(XRP), you can also add Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC), Dash(DASH), Etherium(ETH), Zcash(ZEC) and Bitcoin Cash(BCH)


They also have a great bounty system –

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    10 WLS
  • Fill your profile
    10 WLS
  • Share via Facebook
    40 WLS
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    40 WLS
  • Download Mobile app
    20 WLS
  • Mobile Share
    10 WLS
  • Video Review
    10-100 WLS
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Next two more bounty system has been introduced lately by the team,

Blog Bounty – 50 WLS

Webinar Bounty – 50 WLS

Conference Bounty – 500 WLS

Coming soon bounty: Contest

This week, the WestLand Storage company launches a contest! Using Bounty tasks you can receive cash prizes. The prize fund of the contest will be $100,000.


for those who are new to the term –BOUNTY,


Bounty is an opportunity for you to earn without investing. All you need to do is complete some simple tasks that you can find below. For each task you get a certain reward.


Here is my account – I have invested a little so far, but will add more definitely.

and I strongly recommend you to check the site with full confidence, The support team is also very proactive to solve your issues (if any).


Happy investing! (Updated on 10 Jun 2018 ) - the best place for an secure investment