Start your career in Laravel

Starting with laravel — the ultimate PHP framework so far

We are going into an excited & a great time spending at wpfreelance with laravel & our new job site project,

Laravel is a nice web framework , easy to learn & adaptable for all kind of php developers,

It suits all — if you are a beginner with a least knowledge of MVC & OOPS in PHP or any other programming language, else you are a mid-level PHP programmer or you are the PRO, no matter the well-documentation at there site & nettutes with list of articles help you to quickly grab it.

Plus you you have a fast growing developer/contributor base around the globe, they are always happy to help you at any stage of your project,


Few best laravel resources listed below…

  1. Laravel Essential Guide from Mr. Jeffry Way — “The guy behind many web developers”

2. Building Practical Web Application with Laravel

  1. Free tutorials on 

  2. Andrew Perkins on youtube